Fully Hosted, No Fuss, eCommerce Stores and Custom Websites

Logo Envy makes it easy for you to be the proud owner of your very own website. A website is the online home for your business, event or team and Logo Envy can create informational pages, rosters, calendars and much more. After we launch, we allow you and anyone you specific to easily make update and changes without writing any code.

In addition to informational pages, you can sell anything we offer – screen printed t-shirts, embroidered polos, lanyards, coffee mugs and so much more. The best part is that we create the products, stock the products, and fulfill the products when a customer makes a purchase, leaving you time to kick back and enjoy 100% of the profits!

Corporations & Small Businesses

Finally, an efficient way to outfit your employees in your brand. Using Logo Envy Web Stores you can offer a variety of branded apparel, office supplies, and gifts that anyone can easily order for themselves. You can sell the items at cost, or for a profit and even password-protect certain categories to keep certain items special.


With so many new rules and restrictions on public fundraisers and the increasing shift to digital, there has never been a better opportunity to raise money using an online store. Individuals from all over the US can order your choice of items for sale including jackets, cups and shirts or even make a simple donation. We handle the fulfillment of all orders and you keep 100% of the funds raised!


If you’re planning any type of public event and need to sell apparel and branded items, tickets, or collect registration fees and information, then we’ve got the solution. Fun runs, concerts, festivals and more need look no further. Our system will collect the names, addresses, sizes, and all other information you need, and allow you to access it at any time making it easier than ever before to plan your event. Did we mention how we’ll fulfill all physical orders and you get to keep 100% of the profits?

More Than Just Selling

In addition to eCommerce stores, we can also create a full website for your business.

Fully featured website

Everything that makes your business “your business” needs a website that represents it well. We can build websites from the simple to the complex, that can do anything you need it to do. Just take a look around LogoEnvy.com – we’d build your website using the same technology.

Your personal .anything

Many more domain name options just became available and we can register them all on your behalf. You could be the proud owner of yourname.xyz, .ninja, .supply, and many more! You can even send and receive your emails through these new domains. How cool is that?

Super Simple Pricing

  • Standard Website
  • $60/mo
  • Includes fulfillment services, 100% revenue retention, your look and feel, and a mobile responsive interface. Does not include a one-time set up fee of $500.
  • Five Static Webpages
  • Sell up to 10 items
  • Traffic and Sales Data Reports
  • SSL Certificate
  • Premium Website
  • $80/mo
  • Includes fulfillment services, 100% revenue retention, your look and feel, and a mobile responsive interface. Does not include a one-time set up fee of $750.
  • Ten Static Webpages
  • Sell up to 25 items
  • Traffic and Sales Data Reports
  • SSL Certificate
  • Included .com domain name
  • Optional Password-Protected Store or Category

Additional Features

Use Your Domain Name – $20/yr

  • Use .com, .net, or .org.
  • Register a new domain on transfer an existing one you already own.

Premium Domain Names – $50/yr

  • Includes .xyz, .science, .work, .space, .top, .ninja., .website, .link, .click, .club, .academy, .design, .online, .rocks, .today, .site, .wtf, .network, .win, .company, .fitness, .news, .faith, .social, and many more!

10 Email Addresses – $20/mo

  • Send email from @yourdomain.
  • Fully backed-up on our secure servers.
  • Works with any email software: Outlook, iPhone, you name it!
  • Includes user inboxes, and email forwards.
  • 5GB storage limit on each address.

10 Additional Email Addresses – $50/mo

Email Newsletter Set-Up – $150 (one time)

  • Set up email newsletters templates to match your look and feel.
  • Create sign up forms and place them on your website.

SEO and Google Analysis – $250 (one time)

  • Audit site content and make recommendations to improve ranking in search results.
  • Includes local and global searches.
  • Add advanced tracking to Google Analytics to monitor search terms and average ranking.

Content Creation Services – $40/hr

  • Original copy for site pages, page titles, product descriptions and more.
  • Custom graphics and images.
  • Social media post recommendations and content suggestions.

25 Additional eCommerce Products – $50/mo

  • Sell Up to 25 additional eCommerce products at once.
  • Unlimited categories, tags, and images.

Customer Resource Manager – $20/mo

  • Create customer groups, and view individual activities.
  • Import customers list from external tools.
  • Track customers by last order and easily add into marketing nurture programs.

Custom eCommerce Features – $40/hr

  • Want a completely custom platform? Out development team can create anything you can dream of.
  • Add additional features unique to your business.
  • Remove unwanted features and customize your interface.

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